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Abstracting pagination ac..

Fragmented pagination styles is a challenge lots of developers have to cope with when integrating multiple APIs, as APIs use many different pagination strategies. In this post, we'll cover h...

10 ways to build a develo..

Strong developer communities are fundamental to a thriving software ecosystem. By uniting programmers around a common subject, communities enable users to share ideas, progress software proj...

How to build a great deve..

Nowadays, Developer Experience (DX) is essential for software products. Akin to User Experience (UX), DX instead focuses on improving the developer's journey, reducing hang-ups, and encourag...

What is an SDK?

Software Development Kits (SDKs) are very common throughout the development landscape. Most API providers offer SDKs to help support specific programming languages and app development paradi...

What is OpenAPI? Introduc..

OpenAPI continues to evolve and sustain a vibrant, interconnected API economy. Here, we define what exactly OpenAPI is, how OpenAPI definitions are structured, and peek into some production ...

What is a webhook?

Since webhooks are quite ubiquitous in today's real-time software architectures, it's crucial to understand how they work. Below, we'll explore webhooks, find out how to test them, and showc...

My first month as a front..

On the first of February 2021, I started as a Frontend Engineer at Apideck, a remote role at a fast-growing startup that helps SaaS companies build & scale API-driven platforms. In this post...

How to promote your API?

APIs, like other products, need product marketing forethought. In this post, we'll uncover the hottest tips to get your API out in the wild. Thankfully, there are some pretty simple, tried-a...

25+ CRM APIs to integrate..

CRMs connect with various moving components, and integration is the name of the game. Therefore, CRMs typically open up with a RESTful API to integrate with partners. If you're in the market...

What is a Unified API?

A Unified API aggregates many APIs in the same software category, making integration easier with a standard endpoint, authentication, and normalized data. This results in a consistent develo...

Apideck Product Update 🚀..

New in Apideck this month: track all your integration requests in one place; build native integrations at scale with Apideck Unify; launching

Apideck acknowledged in t..

Apideck acknowledged in the Forrester’s 2020 Channel Tech Stack, launching, a Channel Tech Directory for all channel professionals to celebrate the growth of the ecosystem 🚀...

Apideck Product Update, N..

This blog post is the November edition of our monthly update with the latest updates on the Apideck platform. New features; redesigned landing pages, improved search, developer badges, HubSp...

Building a SaaS applicati..

Hit the ground running when building a SaaS application. Buy-vs-build is a daily dilemma for product makers. SaaS Blocks helps you discover and select new vendors to add features to your Saa...

Platform Heroes - Teamlea..

This interview with Niels from Teamleader highlights the importance of integration partners and community building to drive partnership success.

Apideck Updates and SaaS ..

Upcoming Product Hunt launch. New features; Shadow listings, Catalog, Zaps page, Drift and Intercom support. SaaS News: Google Docs API, Slack Block Kit.

Platform Heroes - Jake Wa..

This interview with Jake from AWeber highlights the importance of customer alignment when building integrations and forging new partnerships.

Platform Heroes - Jean-Pi..

Intercom has one of the most active developer ecosystems in the market. In this interview, we cover the Intercom App Store and what they have in store for the future!

Platform Heroes - Corey H..

The Gitub Marketplace is one of the most impressive B2D platform plays. Corey Hobbs shares his insights into their way of work and metrics.

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