Apideck Updates and SaaS Ecosystem News, February 2019 🚀

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This is the first edition of our monthly update with the latest SaaS ecosystem news and updates at Apideck.

New Apideck Ecosystem features

February was a busy month for our product team! A couple of new features we shipped:

Shadow listings

Automatically generate +2000 landing pages for potential integrations and drive more qualified traffic.

The Salesflare ecosystem test driving the shadow listings feature

Updated catalog

We expanded our catalog to +2000 listings and started adding more data like integrations funds, partner contacts, markets, firmographics, etc.

Access more integration data from the expanded Apideck Catalog

Dedicated Zaps page

Since most of our private beta customers have Zapier integrations, we decided to integrate a dedicated page with all their Zaps.

Showcase existing Zaps

Showcase Zapier beta integrations

The integration process with Zapier consists of different steps. Before your app is publicly available, your app is in beta mode and can only be used when invited. We have added the possibility to highlight potential Zapier integrations and attract more beta users to get your Zapier app out of beta faster.

Shorten your Zapier beta period

Drift & Intercom Support 

By popular request, we have added support for two customer messaging platforms: Drift & Intercom.

Upcoming Product Hunt launch

Are you a SaaS company looking to take your ecosystem to the next level? Join our private beta or subscribe for the Product Hunt launch.

SaaS ecosystem news

Google Docs API

Google announced the general availability of a new API for Google Docs that will allow developers to automate many of the tasks that users typically do manually in the company’s online office suite. The API has been in developer preview since last April’s Google Cloud Next 2018 and is now available to all developers.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2019/02/11/google-docs-gets-an-api-for-task-automation/

Full article: https://techcrunch.com/2019/02/11/google-docs-gets-an-api-for-task-automation/

Slack Block Kit helps structure your content

Slack has become a critical communications tool for many organizations. One of the things that has driven its rapid success has been the ability to connect to external enterprise apps inside of Slack, giving employees what is essentially a centralized work hub. This ability has led to some unintended consequences around formatting issues, which Slack addressed with two new tools, Block Kit and Block Kit Builder.

The Block Kit makes content more readable inside Slack

Full article: https://techcrunch.com/2019/02/13/block-kit-helps-deliver-more-visually-appealing-content-in-slack/

Dropbox snares HelloSign for $230M, gets workflow and e-signature

Dropbox, the leading global platform for syncing and sharing files in the cloud, has announced that it has agreed to pay a hefty $230 million to HelloSign. HelloSign, the San Francisco based company that provides lightweight document workflow and e-signature services, has more than 80,000 customers including Instacart, Intuit, and Lyft.

Full article: https://www.mobileappdaily.com/dropbox-buys-electronic-signature-startup-hellosign

Storychief x Zapier

Last week, our friends at Storychief announced their new Zapier integration.

Mixmax announces new and updated integrations with LinkedIn and Gmail

With version 2.0, Mixmax gets an updated editor that better integrates with the current Gmail interface and that gets out of the way of popular extensions like Grammarly. That’s table stakes, of course, but I’ve tested it for a bit and the new version does indeed do a better job of integrating itself into the current Gmail interface and feels a bit faster, too.

As the cherry on the cake it now also plays nice with Grammarly.

Full article: https://techcrunch.com/2019/02/20/mixmax-brings-linkedin-integration-and-better-task-automation-to-its-gmail-tool/

AWeber interview

We had the chance to interview Jake Wallace from the AWeber partnerships team and chairman of the Cloud Software Association. Sharing some strategic insights from their integration partnerships team.

Read the full interview

SaaS Connect 2019 - 26-27 March, San Francisco

SaaS connect is the single event for SaaS companies, platforms, API services, channels, distributors, resellers, app stores, and investors.

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Check out their agenda

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