Apideck Product Update 🚀 August 2020

Written by Gertjan De Wilde

We're excited to update you on what's new with Apideck. Check out our recent improvements and features to help you boost the growth of your platform.

Integration voting request + analytics

What’s new 🎊

Integration voting analytics

Over the last couple of months, you collectively generated +2000 leads through the integration requests feature. Congrats to you all. 🚀

Not sure what the most requested integration was last week? Now you can rank integration requests by the number of votes. In an upcoming release you will be able to notify subscribers when you're ready to ship the integration.

Integration request form

Now you can also share a link with customers where they can submit integration feedback and requests—ideal for customer support and product teams. The form supports prefilling data, so you can easily link it in-app.

Integration request form

Sneak peek 👀

Start building native integrations at warp speed

Apideck Unify has been in the works for the last two years since we started Apideck, so we're pretty excited about this, to say the least.

We're about to open our first unified APIs exclusively to our trusted Apideck Ecosystem partners. Go check it out and let us know what integrations you want to build next!

Unify connectors

Channelstack.co + Forrester ✅

Apideck has been included in the Forrester’s 2020 Channel Tech stack.

Building ecosystems is at our core, so to celebrate 🎉 our mentioning in Forrester's 2020 Channel Tech Stack report and the growth of the channel stack ecosystem in it's whole, we compiled a directory featuring all the ecosystem players ranging from A to Z and in our Channel Tech Stack Directory.

Channelstack.co - discover the channel tech ecosystem

That was it for this month. We're looking forward to keeping you in the loop for what's in store for September.

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