Why Apideck is a great alternative for Kloudless customers

Written by Tom Schouteden

Kloudless has been a trailblazer in the Unified API space over the past couple of years. With their Cloud Storage, Calendar, CRM, Email, Chat and Accounting APIs, Kloudless established itself as a category creating leader in this nascent industry. The recent acquisition of Kloudless by Netskope, a leading security software company, has been the crown on the company's success.


Unfortunately for Kloudless' existing customer base, this acquisition means that Kloudless will be sunsetting their existing Unified API product line as the team refocuses on powering integrations for Netskope Security Cloud.

For customers looking for an alternative provider for their unified API needs, Apideck has developed a seamless migration program to Apideck's Unify product. With Unify, customers can accelerate integration development across more than 50 different software categories. Additionally Apideck offers an extensive product line that covers everything from credential management over monitoring and logging to showcasing integrations, effectively providing a one stop shop for all integration needs.

Apideck's underlying serverless technology allows for rapid and infinite scaling of API calls regardless of software category. Thanks to our usage based billing approach customers retain full control over their spending. Our migration program for Kloudless customers guarantees no double billing during a transition period of up to 3 months, priority access to the development team and white glove migration support throughout the process.

If you're an existing Kloudless customer and would like to find out more about migrating to Apideck Unify please reach out at kloudless@apideck.com or schedule a meeting now.

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